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More Great Spirit Fundraising Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on June 28, 2007

Customized Spirit Bracelet The possibilities for school fundraising projects are limitless! Here are some more ideas for fundraisers your school can put on to help support your various projects and big events. Be sure to check out our fundraising tips!

A Jewel of a Sale
Design anklets, bracelets, necklaces and rings with beads in your school colors. Sell them at lunch time and game time for stylish spirit-wear. You could also sell personalized wrist bands or spirit beads for a festive alternative.

Collection Cans
Easy cash! Simply request permission to place collection cans in several stores in your school’s area. Decorate the cans in school colors with your school name and collect the cash every week.

Sports Highlight Video
Immortalize school victories and key plays with a special sports highlight video. Parents, students and alumni will all love reliving these nail-biting moments. You could also create CD’s with photo-slideshows set to music or including interviews with players, coaches and fans for a cool fundraising item.

Sports Raffle
Set up a raffle that includes your stadium’s front-row seats, a “training camp” with either the sports players or the cheerleaders, a session with the coach, and other sports-related items.

Custom Spirit ShirtDance Lessons
Ask the dance team, show choir, or the cheerleading squad to share their knowledge with the rest of the students. Hold dance lessons in the school gym and raise money at the same time. Teach students how to line dance, break dance, salsa, swing dance, etc.

Talent Night
Everybody loves to show off, so set up a school talent night and ask students to sing, dance, tell jokes, or do whatever it is they do best! Sell tickets to students, parents and siblings. A fun alternative is a Lip Sync contest. Students dress up and perform as their favorite singers or bands—no vocal skill required! This is a hilarious hit.

School Basketball Tournament
Organize basketball teams with faculty members, staff members, students and cheerleaders. Set up a tournament and invite the whole school to come and watch for a small donation!

Pre-Homecoming Dinner
Organize a special dinner on the eve of the homecoming game in the school cafeteria for students, parents and alumni. Ask local restaurants to offer their food at a special discount. In exchange for this discount, print the name of the restaurant in the homecoming program, or hang a large banner with the restaurant name at the game.

Bowling Night
Parents, students and friends all love to bowl…so why not cash in on this much-loved hobby? Organize teams and meet at your local bowling alley. Ask participants to contribute cash each time they bowl…and watch the cash add up. You’ll have fun too!

Everybody Loves Pizza
Check with local merchants to see if they will be willing to donate pizzas or give you a special discount. Sell slices to hungry students at snack time, offer it at games, or have an all-school pizza lunch. Any way you organize it, it’s a delicious way to make some money!

Dance the Night Away
Plan a 24-hour dance marathon in your school gym. Organize teams, and mandate that at least one team member must be dancing during the entire 24-hour period. Have team members find sponsors for the event. Provide music, snacks, and drinks for the teams.

Coffee and Doughnuts
Take advantage of early school mornings by selling doughnuts and freshly brewed coffee to faculty and students. Offer different gourmet flavors and serve coffee in a special spirit mug.

Class Color Day
Ask members of each class to deck themselves out in their class colors for the day. Raise money by selling poms, bandanas and custom T-shirts to match each class color. Your campus will explode in a rainbow of colors!

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