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Cheerleading Camp Basics

Posted by Stumps Spirit on July 6, 2007

Bulldog MascotGetting your squad ready for the season takes a lot of practice and hard work. Enlist your varsity cheerleaders to help you prep the underclassmen and new cheerleaders. Stumps Spirit has tons of supplies for your squad too—including poms, accessories, cheer gear, megaphones and more. Here are our tips for getting your squad ready to cheer in no time!

If you’re sending the cheerleaders off to cheer camp, give them this checklist for things to take with them:
o Alarm clock
o Bed linens and towels (if necessary)
o Disposable camera
o First Aid kit, including bug spray and pain reliever
o No valuables
o Notebook and pen
o Practice clothes and sneakers
o Signed medical release form
o Spending money
o Stereo
o Sunscreen
o Toiletries
o Uniform and poms (if necessary)
o Water bottle

Or, you can host your own cheer camp in the school gym. Your cheerleaders will need cheerleading poms to practice their cheers and to cheer with throughout the season. You can personalize pom pons with your school colors. They are available in a variety of materials, vinyl, wet look vinyl, metallic glitter. You can choose pom handles from cheer handle, elastic loop, baton style, no handle, or block handle.

For a quick team fundraiser create customized cheer gear for your squad to buy to support the costs of your season. They’ll love carrying their stuff in drawstring backpacks or using spirit shorts for practicing in.

Start your cheer camp off with some team building and ice breaker activities. This will give the members of you squad have some time to get to know each other and create bonds. Especially for the cheerleaders doing flying stunts, building team trust will be important.

Working out daily makes a great warm up when the cheerleaders arrive at camp. Start the day out with some laps around the track or rotate fun aerobics, cardio, yoga and pilates workout tapes. Don’t forget to offer a healthy lunch or make sure squad members bring them. Check out our Get Fit! tips for more information.

You’ll want plenty of time to practice cheers at your cheer camp. If you’re short on cheers check out our cheer list or have a team building activity where cheerleaders write cheers themselves. Practice using megaphones too, it will help your cheers be heard in the stands. Megaphones can be awkward to use for new cheerleaders at first, so be sure to practice.Spirit Shorts

Give out awards to your cheerleaders for most improved, best attitude, best spirit, or many other superlatives. There are tons of fun cheer favors and team supplies that make great prizes, including water bottles, buttons, magnets, and lanyards.

Cheer camp is a great time to start talking about team schedules, events, and fundraising. Plan team parties or start planning pep rallies or spirit events. Also start planning your fundraisers. There are tons of fundraising products and fundraising tips. Fundraising is a great way to get your cheerleading squad started on all the fun events and contests the season has in store.

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