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Choosing Pom-pons for Your Squad

Posted by Stumps Spirit on July 16, 2007

Wet Look Narrow PomsA lot of choices go into getting just the right cheerleader poms for your cheer squad, including size of the poms, width of the streamers, handle types, color combinations, color arrangements, materials, and whether or not to have each pom match. Stumps Spirit has plenty of pointers to make your pom selection easier.

Pom Handles
Poms feature five different handle options: cheer handle, elastic loop, baton style, no handle, or block handle. The cheer handle is made of two loops on the side of a standard handle (shown below on wet look glitter poms). The elastic loop handle allows for greater flexibility with an elastic loop attached to a standard handle. The baton style handle is the easiest handle option to polish with, as cheerleaders hold the handle in a closed fist, ideal for keeping the wrist straight and not breaking the line of the arm.

Pom Materials
Poms are available in a variety of materials from vinyl, metallic, glitter, and wet look options. The material you choose should be a reflection of your school and squad’s style. It should also coordinate well with your uniforms. Be sure that the material you choose stands out against your uniforms and other materials your team uses, but doesn’t clash. For example, if there is a metallic look to your uniform or other spirit items, a vinyl or wet look pom might look better than a metallic pom.

Wet Look Glitter PomsPom Colors
Poms are available in a variety of colors including: black, gray, white, dark purple, light purple, navy blue, Columbia blue, royal blue, forest green, Kelly green, maroon, cardinal red, scarlet red, Denver orange, Tennessee orange, bright gold, old gold and brown. Consider the color of your uniforms in choosing your pom colors. If you have away and home uniforms, make sure your poms will look good with both. Try to find colors that stand in contrast to your cheer outfits but don’t clash. That way your poms will stand out and will be visible from the stands. You can also match your poms to your uniforms.

You can get poms in one, two, or three color mixes. If you order poms in more than one color, make sure your colors work well together. For two color mixes try a bright color and a more muted color, your school colors or two bright colors that complement each other. For three color mixes you’ll want to avoid choosing three bright colors, as the poms will not look as good from far away. Try two bright colors and a subtle accent such as silver, white or black.

Color Arrangements
Once you choose your colors, decide how you want them arranged. The color arrangement options are solid, half and half (for baton handle only), 2-color mix, 3-color mix, or a target arrangement. Your color choice(s) and the arrangement you choose are essential to one another. If you choose two bright colors, a half and half pom may look better than a 2-color mix, as the colors will contras with one another better than melting together from a distance. If you choose a bright color and a dark or subtle color, a mix or a target will cause both colors to pop out to the eye.

Vinyl Show PomsMatching Poms
Is your routine already choreographed? If not, do you have an idea of what it will include? Choreography is the key to deciding whether you want your cheerleaders to have matching poms or a different colored pom in each hand. Also, consider your color choices. If you have chosen a multi-colored pom-pon, having a different pom in each hand might look too busy or unpolished. Having two different colored poms, however, can lead to some exciting choreography that will look cool from the stands. Your cheerleaders could create cool visual patterns, spell out different words, or create images with different colored poms. If your choreography does not provide a reason for a different pom in each hand, however, keep things simple and match your poms.

Did you know?
Pom-pons were created in France and get their name from the French word ponpon for ornamental spheres of fabric or other materials. Technically, pom-pom, pompom and pompon are all acceptable terms, but pom-pon is the most widely used spelling for cheerleading companies and squads, poms for short.

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