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Caring for Your Pom-pons

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 22, 2007

Pom Bags
Keep your poms looking brand new by taking good care of them in-between games and competitions.

Never store your pom-pons in a wet or hot place or in direct sunlight. Basically, that means keeping them in your car is out. Protect your poms by keeping them in a bag that breathes, such as pom bags. You can even place a dryer sheet or sachet in your bag to keep them smelling fresh.

Also, never rub the poms against each other when you’re doing clapping cheer choreography as it will crinkle the strands and make your poms age faster.

Periodically fluff your poms, for example after every other game (or if they accidentally get mushed in your gear bag). Fluffing poms can take a while, so why not get some of the other cheerleaders together for a pom party. Stick in a good movie or talk while you work and the time will go faster.

There are various ways to fluff your poms, be sure to ask your captain or coach which method she prefers. Keep your poms in the ball shape by running your fingers through the strands or giving them a good hard shake. Separate the strands from one another to keep the fullness of your pom.

Comb your way through the poms, pulling strands in opposite directions (first strand right, second left, and so on), kind of like separating the branches on an artificial Christmas tree. Be sure not to pull on the first several strands near the handle, so you don’t pull them out.


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