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Homecoming Dance To-Do List

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 29, 2007

Homecoming-Custom-Spirit-ArchTo help your Homecoming dance run smoothly, we’ve created this to-do list for your Homecoming committee!

Homecoming Dance To Do List


• Select members for your Homecoming Committee.
• Set a budget (vow to stick to it!) and open a bank account.
• Create a guest list (remember to include special teachers, administrators and parents in addition to the students!)
• Select an event date (do this as soon as possible). It is best to select a date as early as possible. You’ll want to work around various sporting events and competition for outside venues.
• Book banquet hall or hotel ballroom if desired. If at school, make sure dates are clear with administration and athletic departments.
• Divide the committees (music, decorations, favors, food, hospitality, photographer).
• Go over timeline. (Include all scheduled meetings for the committee. Have chairpersons for each committee track progress and hold members responsible.)
• Start the theme selection process. (See our Theme Ideas.)

Early September

• Make a final theme decision.
• Book your entertainment. Listen to tapes and call references.
• Select a photographer (if you decide to hire one). Be sure to evaluate their experience and prices.
• Make food/refreshment plans – select a caterer. Interview and get bids from at least three.
• Start thinking about decorations.
• Start planning ticket & invitation design and wording.

Three to Four Weeks Before the Dance

• Send out invitations.
• Confirm all orders, plans and entertainment.

Two to Three Weeks Before the Dance

• Track ticket sales to get an idea of the head count.
• Determine basic party flow for the event including activities, coronation and food. Write out a timeline! Always have a few extra ideas in your bag.

One Week Before the Dance

• Prepare an outline of everything that needs to be done.
• Update the outline of the Homecoming flow and timeline.
• Finalize the headcount, but be flexible if it changes.
• Assemble all Homecoming decorations that can be easily moved. This includes columns, centerpieces, lamps, benches and a number of other items! If you have questions about what to build ahead of time – please email us!

Two to Three Days Before the Dance

• Buy any fresh food required.
• Check for ample amounts of film and batteries.
• Complete food preparation and pick up of pre-ordered food items.
• Decorate for the dance.
• Set tables/serving table.

The Day of the Dance

• Prepare foods and beverages that could not be made ahead of time.
• Put up all outdoor decorations; it is always best to do this the day of the dance.
• Inflate all balloons the day of the event.
• Start the music and set the mood.
• Relax and enjoy the fun fruits of your labor!

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