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Selecting the Homecoming Dance Theme

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 30, 2007

Red Carpet Affair KitBecause selecting a Homecoming Dance theme is one of the first decisions (and certainly one of the biggest) that a planning committee makes, careful thought and consideration should go into this important choice. After all, every future decision your Homecoming Dance committee makes will center around this primary theme.

One of the best ways to select a theme is to have a general brainstorming session for all planning committee members. Although this will be a time to think of as many potential themes as possible, you will also want to make sure that members come to the meeting prepared.

Before the meeting, circulate a list of criteria that each theme must meet. Some committees look for a romantic, unique, and elegant theme, some try to create a fun and frivolous evening. What is your goal? With this in mind, assign research tasks to several committee members.

Some great places to find theme suggestions are:

Popular song titles. So many current songs are romantic, and have beautiful, poetic lyrics. Bring a list of current and upcoming songs to the meeting for everyone’s consideration. One great place to get all the most current song titles is Billboard Online.

Over the years, we’ve collected quite a list of popular and timeless Homecoming Dance themes. Check out our list of Homecoming Dance Themes.

Although everyone will come to this meeting with several of their own theme ideas, it is very important that you don’t start picking favorites before you’ve met as a group. Try to come into this initial meeting with an open mind, ready to give any good suggestion your careful consideration.

By the end of this brainstorming session, you should have a master list for everyone to review. Now comes the hard part: eliminating and narrowing down your list. Don’t try to choose one winner right away, just work on narrowing down your ideas to ten or so strong choices that everyone can live with.

Once you have narrowed down the field to a few final choices, check them all against the following final questions:

Will this theme be easy to work with? Does it work naturally with decorations, colors and favors, or will we have trouble finding things to “fit” with our theme?
Is it timeless? Will students always look back on their special theme, or will is seem silly and outdated in a scrapbook?
Is the theme fitting to the mood of our school? It is important to remember that your school has its own personality – and so some choices may just fit you better than others.

After you have considered all the options against these standards, it is time for a vote among the committee members. When voting, keep your entire student body in mind. Choose a theme that reflects their tastes and not just your own. In the end, keep in mind that every strong theme can be made into the perfect night, with the proper effort and creativity.

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