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Chosing a Location for your Homecoming Dance

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 4, 2007

Pirate Cove KitThe perfect place sets a perfect mood! The following guidelines will help make your decision as painless as possible.

Before you begin, work with your committee to determine answers to these questions:

How formal of a place are we looking for?
How much money do we have to spend?
What kind of entertainment will we need room for?
Do we want a place that serves dinner, allows us to bring in catering, or allows us to be there without serving food?
How many people will we need room for?
What kind of decorating scheme will you need to have room for?

As you begin to discuss these options, a few logical solutions will probably come to mind. Then you start the visiting, interviewing, and decision-making process. Make a list of all the possible places (you may want to search your Yellow Pages for banquet halls, restaurants, etc.).

After you have thought of all the possibilities, start with phone interviews, asking:

Are they available on your date?
Do they meet your requirements (space, privacy, and food)?
How much do they cost?
Decorating: are you allowed to bring in your own decorations, is there enough room, adequate electrical outlets, etc?
Dancing: will there be enough room, how loud can your music be, do they have a DJ on staff?
The list will begin to narrow itself down considerably. Once you have 5 or so strong options, you will want to take your committee for a visit to see which place is the one for you.

And remember your own school might be a fantastic option. You’ll save money on rental, and have more to put into elaborate theme decorations that can transform your gym.

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