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Choosing a Photographer for Homecoming

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 6, 2007

A Night in Vegas ArchChoosing a photographer is one of the easier tasks for every committee – all it really requires is a little well-informed research.

Primarily, you’ll be looking for someone who is available on your date, has done quality work in the past, and offers the most competitive rates.

You’ll want to start by looking in your local yellow pages for Portrait (not commercial) photographers. Start by calling the entire list, and conducting a preliminary phone interview.

Ask them:

Do they do Homecoming Dances? How many have they done in the past?
Are they available on the date of your Homecoming Dance – at the times you have scheduled?
What are their rates? What kind of packages do they have available for the students to choose from?
From this initial contact, you will probably be able to narrow down the field to a few strong candidates. You may want to visit the remaining people to find out the answers to some of these more detailed questions:

Will they provide a suitable backdrop, or will they be able to work with yours?
Do they use a medium format camera, or will they use a 35mm camera? (A medium format camera provides a much more professional, better quality photo.)
While you are there, look at some of their work. Do the people look natural? Would you feel comfortable working with the photographer and his staff? (Will they bring out your guests’ most natural sides, or will they make them feel awkward and uncomfortable?)

In the end, you may choose your photographer based primarily on price, but if you keep these guidelines in mind, you will be more satisfied with the end results – and so will your guests!

Check out the following site to search for photographers in your area.

Global Photographers Search

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