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Hold a Celestial Star Theme Dance

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 6, 2007

Moonlit Moment KitA night of starry magic awaits you! A celestial theme is a beautiful choice for your Homecoming dance. And it’s easy to create an enchanting atmosphere!

You can get started with celestial Homecoming kits. They are full of the decorations you need to make your dance a dazzling event!

Your starry dance will shine with our exciting dance tips below!


For your celestial Homecoming, send out Celestial Invitations to generate excitement about the upcoming event. Sprinkle some star confetti in every invitation to add a sparkling touch.


You can create the perfect magical evening with these simple decorating ideas! Use blue and silver or black and silver as your basic decorating colors. This will give a celestial touch to your dance!

• Hang star curtains in the entryway to welcome your guests to the dance. You can also drape star gossamer along the entrance for a more dreamy effect.
• You can create a dazzling pathway into the dance by placing our stars on metallic decorating paper on the floor.
• Use tons of stars everywhere – on the walls, tables and stage. There are giant die-cut stars, shimmer stars, star confetti, star garland and lots more to make your event sparkle!
• Star columns is perfect for the corners of your room or dance floor. It also makes a great photo setting!
• Balloons are an easy and affordable way to accent your dance area! You can use our star balloons everywhere – try filling the ceiling overhead, tying them to the backs of chairs, and placing bunches of them around the stage.
• Add lots of twinkle lights to your décor to create a sparkling atmosphere!

Starlight Fantasy CenterpieceTableware

• Cover your tables with star gossamer or plastic table covers in blue or black. Don’t forget to add table skirts!
• Sprinkle star confetti around the tables to give them some shine!
• Place 3-D star centerpieces in the middle of each table. You can use the same centerpieces for all the tables, or mix them up. Either way, they’ll add pizzazz to your event!
• Simple blue or silver tableware will work well with your celestial theme.
• Order personalized napkins imprinted with your special Homecoming dance wording. Choose from a wide range of napkin and ink colors. Select a metallic foil, holographic foil, prismatic foil, or traditional ink imprint.


Rather than waiting until your guests are making their exit to give them a favor, some favors can be given during the dance, which will add color and glitz! The following favors will appeal to all your stargazing guests:

• Candles are always a great choice for dance favors! Our star votive candles would add just the right touch of celestial elegance to your Homecoming. Place them next to each place-setting for a little extra decoration.
• For those special Homecoming photos, our magic moment frame makes a wonderful favor. Use either a Polaroid™ camera to send a picture home with each student, or have the photos at school at a later date.
• Attach evening star keytag to napkins set at each place-setting. Students will love this starry gift!

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