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Decorating Large Areas for your Homecoming Dance

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 7, 2007

Stars Background PaperWe’ve got some fun and festive ways to help you decorate large areas for your Homecoming Dance. You’ll find ideas relating to specific themes, as well as general tips for your decor below. Keep in mind that your imagination and creative skills go a long way and cost you absolutely nothing!

Ocean Waves
Create a spectacular ocean by loosely draping shades of blue gossamer across the ceiling to form gentle “waves.” Mottled gossamer is perfect for a sandy beach effect, too!

Floor Confetti
For light-catching accents, crumple 6″ squares of metallic streamer and scatter them across a floor covered with metallic background material.

Distant Landscape
Cut rolling hills and silhouettes of trees from black and dark green corrugated paper, then place the shapes against a wall to create a distant landscape.

Starry Sky
Suspend stars background paper from the ceiling and along the wall to create a starry night. Add holographic or iridescent die-cut stars to the paper for an intriguing and light-reflecting ambiance.

Enchanting Posts
Wind strands of twinkle lights around posts in your dance areas, then loosely cover the posts with gossamer for a dreamy variation of classic Greek columns.

Pillow of Air
Make a pillow of air out of background paper, stapling the edges together to create any shape or size of rock form.

Background Paper
Use background paper to cover walls instead of painting โ€“ also great for wrapping packages.

Black Poly Vinyl
Poly vinyl material can be hung to create walkways through a haunted castle or a carnival fun house.

Pillar Pizzazz
Glitz up pillars! Just fasten 8′ or 12′ high premium metallic foil curtains around the top of each column, and let the lights dance on the curtains! Soften harsh looking pillars by wrapping a strand of twinkle lights around each. Then, loosely cover the entire pillar with gossamer for a starry and romantic effect!

Life-Sized Tropical Island
Start with an ocean of “water” created with blue metallic background material covering your floor. Form your island with sand (real or simulate your own with our gold gossamer). Don’t forget to top the sand with green grass. (We have four styles from which to choose!) Our giant tissue flowers add the perfect finishing touch.

Light Up the Night
Chase lights are the ultimate statement for a grand entranceway. Combine them with a plastic runner for a dramatic walkway to the dance.

A Walk in the Clouds
Airy white netting is perfect for making clouds! Just bunch it up into a cloud, secure the formation with a quick baste stitch, and use a monofilament line to hang the clouds from the ceiling (or simply place them around the floor).

Beauty and the Ballroom
For the look of an elegant, but forgotten ballroom, cut away parts of our black and white checkered flat paper, and then lay it over black background paper placed on your floor.

Star Studded Event
Turn your event into an evening under the stars! Cover the ceiling with silver star poly vinyl or our star gossamer. Then add twinkle lights and our twinkle stars for a three-dimensional effect.

Homecoming Theme Kits are also great for decorating large areas!

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