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Keeping Spirit Week on Budget

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 7, 2007

Spirit Week Is your Spirit Week budget a little tight this year? Not to worry! A little cash can go a long way, especially when you plan ahead. Below are some easy ideas to help you get the most bang for your buck this Spirit Week!

• Divide your funds equally between the five days. This will give you an idea of how much you can spend on each day’s events and prizes.
• Choose spirit items and prizes that are colorful and easy on the wallet! Here are some ideas:

o Badges
o Bumper Stickers
o Buttons
o Cheerphones
o Funtoos
o Key Tags
o Pins
o Pom Pons
o Ribbons
o Stadium Cups

• Get more for your money by visiting our Outlet store. You’ll find balloons, funtoos, mascot outfits, and more – all out discount prices!
• Use our economical Background Paper to make your spirit signs and announcements.
• Solicit the help of students and staff in your Art Department to help make your spirit signs.
• Decorate your school hallways, cafeteria, gym, and stadium with our colorful, lightweight Gossamer. You can use your school colors or choose our fun paw print gossamer (for mascots with paws!). Click here for more gossamer details!
• Recruit several parent volunteers to help organize and run various Spirit Week activities.
• Contact local businesses for donated or discounted items that you can use during your Spirit Week.
• Hold a raffle for a large donated prize. This will help offset some cost while generating lots of excitement!
• Incorporate a few fundraising events into your Spirit Week activities.

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