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Raise Spirit and Funds with Funtoos Temporary Tattoos!

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 19, 2007

Funtoos FundraiserYour school will get stuck on this fundraiser! Funtoos (temporary tattoos) make great fundraising items and Stumps Spirit had a HUGE selection of Funtoos to choose from to get the money rolling in. Sell Funtoos at your school store, pep rallies, school registration, cafeteria or concession stand. You can sell them in sets or per Funtoo. Fans will love wearing them to games or competitions to show their spirit.

Funtoos go on easy with water and come off easily with rubbing alcohol or cellophane tape.

You can order customized Funtoo sets to support your team. Create a set with one Funtoo for each game of the season and sell them through your athletic boosters. Or, create custom Funtoos and sell them individually at the concession stand. Your fans will love the personalized temporary tattoo and the fun accessory it makes to their game gear.

Glow-in-the-dark Funtoos are awesome for night games. Intimidate the opponent by filling the stands with fans adorned with the glowing temporary tattoos. You’ll look better than the stadium lights and because fans will love them so much, you’ll make tons of money for your school.

Team face Funtoos are also great for sports fans. They look like you’ve painted your face in team colors, but they don’t have all the mess of face paint. Team face Funtoos are available in team colors as well as a variety of mascot faces.

Body Beadz and rhinestone Funtoos will be a hit especially with female students and fans. They have a great, glittering look and are just as easy to apply. They’re available in tons of patterns and slogans too!

Finally, keep the fine details in mind with Nosetoos and Nailtoos. They’re perfect for adding the finishing touches to fingernails and faces. We also carry Funtoos for adding a necklace or armband to a die-hard fans ensemble.

Check out our other fundraising tips for more great ideas to generate cash for your teams and clubs!


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