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Deck the Halls for a Winter Theme Dance

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 18, 2007

Snowflake Fantasy Kit ComponentsLet it snow! Our winter decorations and theme kits will have your school chillin’ out this Homecoming season.

Center your dance around one of our Winter kits this Homecoming season. They come packed with everything you need to create your winter wonderland! Every dance needs a slogan! To complete your dance, choose a magical phrase from the list below – or be cool and create your own!
β€’ Snow Falling on Cedars
β€’ Enchantment in the Snow
β€’ Winter Wonderland
β€’ Magic in the Snow
β€’ Let it Snow
β€’ Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
β€’ The Snowflake’s Dance
β€’ Snowflakes Melt, So Does My Heart
β€’ White Wonderland
β€’ Kissing in the Klondike
β€’ The Warmth of My Heart
β€’ Jamin’ in the Tundra
β€’ Thawin’ the Permafrost
β€’ Smooching at the South Pole
β€’ Polar Fantasy
β€’ Swingin’ in the Snow
β€’ Freezin’ Fun


Give students a sneak preview of the fun and let them know that this is a must-attend Homecoming event by sending out unique invitations. Set the tone for your evening with a wintry color scheme of light blue, white, and silver. You can accent this with snowflakes and stars to make it festive and beautiful! No matter what invitation you choose, our snowflake confetti is just the thing to sprinkle in the envelope for an extra sparkly touch!


There is no better time to go all out with your decorating scheme than for a winter or end-of-season celebration! We suggest that you create your own winter wonderland with our huge selection of snowflakes, snow and evergreens. Here are some ideas on how to achieve this magical setting that is sure to whisk students away to an evening of winter magic!
β€’ Create a spectacular entryway to greet the arrival of students with a snowflake fantasy decorating kit. Place some extra snowflake gossamer around the base of the columns for an extra special touch.
β€’ Evergreen trees are covered with iridescent snow and provide a wintry backdrop when placed around the room.
β€’ Shimmering snowflakes, as well as our glitter snowflakes can be hung around the room from the ceiling and walls to help create some winter magic. Be sure to hang them at various heights for the most appealing look!
β€’ There is no better way to jazz up a dance floor than by scattering some sparkling snow over the entire area! It may be a little messy, but it is definitely worth the effort!
β€’ Greet students outside before they even enter the dance site with graceful reindeer cutouts.
β€’ If snowmen are appealing to your decorating needs, we have a few snow friends that are absolutely adorable! Snowpeople stand-ups are perfect for a photo backdrop or for a friendly invite to the buffet line or dance floor!
β€’ You can never go wrong with our lightweight snowflake gossamer material to help you create an elegant atmosphere for your Homecoming Dance. Use it to drape, swag, or create bows around your event room.
β€’ Balloons are always an inexpensive way to add a big impact. Try using hundreds of balloons in silver, white, and light blue. We also carry a snowflake around latex balloon that can also be used to create arches, pillars, or more. Our mylar star balloons have an iridescent glow that adds shimmer to a group of balloons.

Alpine Escape KitTableware
β€’ Start by covering your tables with our blue paper table covers and add our beautiful snowflake gossamer over it for a magically elegant touch. You could also swag some White gossamer streamers around the edges of your tables for added drama.
β€’ If you are using a buffet table, highlight it by hanging our icicles lights under the gossamer around the perimeter of the table.
β€’ Have an ice sculpture made with your mascot or Homecoming theme and place it in the center of the buffet table.
β€’ Create a snowy look down the center of your tables with polyester batting spread in soft piles among your candles. Add some snowflake foil table decor on top for a bit of sparkle!
β€’ Students will feel honored to sit at tables warmed by candlelight when the weather outside is cold and frightful! You can accomplish this by placing some sparkling snow and snowflake mini floating candles in a candle bowl filled with water and place it in the center of the table.
β€’ Mix our white, light blue, and dark blue plastic tableware and cutlery together on each table for a magical winter touch!


It is always a nice idea to give away a small token of appreciation to those who come to the Homecoming Dance. We offer several items that can be personalized with your special wording. Our favorite items for this occasion include:
β€’ We carry a huge selection of glassware that can be personalized with your dance details. These are always a very popular choice for favors at a dance!
β€’ We offer several styles of photo favors that can be personalized with your special wording and design. This is a particularly good favor idea if you will have a photo setting at your party to take pictures of the couples enjoying their enchanted evening together.
β€’ Personalized napkins that complement your theme are always a hit! We offer a large selection of dinner, luncheon and beverage napkins in an impressive palette of 20 colors. We also offer a wide range of ink colors, as well as a metallic foil, holographic foil, prismatic foil or a traditional ink imprint.

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