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Add Spirit to Exam Week with Winter Activities

Posted by Stumps Spirit on December 7, 2007

Alpine Escape KitAs the end of the semester approaches, tensions will probably be running high for faculty and students alike. Add some relief to the finals week schedule with a week of special events and activities!

Decorate your school for winter or the holiday season depending on when your semester ends. There are tons of ways to do this: snowflake gossamer, snowflake die-cuts, paper chains, garland, twinkle lights and winter or holiday themed decorating kits.

Host a school-wide snowball fight after school one day or turn it into a fundraiser by charging a dollar to throw a snowball at the principal or hold the snowball fight on the football field and charge a dollar for entrance. Be sure to consult an almanac to determine if it is likely to snow. Another great weather-related event is a snowman building competition! Judge categories including most creative, most festive and best shape.

Another day of the week hold an ornament decorating contest. Gather materials such as flat paper, pipe cleaners, glitter, sequins, corrugated paper, gossamer and more and let students create ornaments during lunch or before and after school. The ornaments will be great for decorating the school and you can give away prizes for a bunch of different categories.

On a third day provide hot cocoa and cookies during breaks between exams. Set up a karaoke machine or just a boom box and have Carol Karaoke. It’ll be a great way for students to burn off some stress during the tense exam week.

Next, write holiday or finals related cheers to perk everyone up. Who couldn’t use some cheering up during exam week.

End the week with a casual dance. Dancing is a perfect way to release all that stress! Just a couple of hours Friday afternoon or evening is all you’ll need. Decorate the gym with winter theme decorations and let the students unwind!

Tell us about your winter spirit week or exam week activities and decorations!


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