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Unique Decorating Materials and Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 15, 2008

Homecoming RoyaltyTired of the same old decorations? Try something new and exciting for your dance this year. Below are some unique ideas for your decorations. Many are very economical, so you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck!

Shower Them with Confetti
Confetti is a real party maker! Choose a theme or general design from our wide selection and carry it throughout the night. Scatter it in invitations, over tables, in balloons, around the floor, in favors and in glassware. Then, at the end of the night, shower the dance floor with a final dose of this glittery stuff. They’ll love it!

Create Royal Thrones
Don’t forget to decorate the back of each chair! A combination of curling ribbon, gossamer streamers, and 5″ balloons should do the trick! Check out our royalty kits too!

A Rose for Each Lady
Make a giant silk “rose bush” for your entranceway. Order one silk rose with ribbon for each lady then insert the stems into a large styrofoam ball. Once all the roses are in the top portion of the ball, set it in a large vase or pot. As each lady enters, she can pick a special favor!

Balloon Garlands
Frame tables, windows, and parade floats with balloon garland. Use a hot glue gun to distribute glue around the “o” part of the tied end of the balloon. Press the glued end to the top of another inflated balloons. Continue the process until you have a garland of the desired length.

Balloon Strands
Just tie balloons to a string of your desired length. Thread a strand of lights through the balloons for a reflective glow.

Curling Ribbon Streamers
It’s an affordable way to enhance balloons, masks, centerpieces… you name it! Be sure to order several colors for variety!

Cracked Ice & Metallics
Use these great materials to wrap gifts and presents and to make giant bows to lace on the back of each chair.

Curling Ribbon
Use curling ribbon to hang from the ceiling or to drape to look like vines for a jungle theme.

Check out all of our Homecoming supplies at Stumps Spirit!


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