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Basic Tips for Planning Spirit Week!

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 19, 2008

School Week Memories MuralStressed over hosting five days of exciting events? Overwhelmed by Spirit Week “to-do” lists? Fear not, we’re here to help! The following steps will help make your school’s big week a stunning success-and keep you sane in the process

1. PLAN ahead
2. ORGANIZE ideas
3. DECIDE theme(s) and activities
4. ORDER necessary spirit items (from!)
5. ADVERTISE events

Spirit Planning Timeline

4-5 Months Before

Hold a committee meeting to decide regular meeting times and talk about the bangs and bombs of last year’s spirit week. Brainstorm for new ideas to add to this year’s agenda. List the best ideas and remember that variety is the key to everyone’s involvement! Wanna repeat a popular event? Go for it – that’s how traditions are started! Also, check out our Stellar Spirit Week Ideas for extra inspiration.

Make a master list of five or six highest ranked activities and themes. If you can handle more, great! But remember: although it is important to fill each day with spirited events, it is also equally important not to get in over your head! Accept only the activities you know you can do well.

3 Months Before

Don’t procrastinate! Reach a consensus about your spirit week event themes and begin organizing the activities. Put each volunteer in charge of one day or event. They may recruit more volunteers, if needed.

1-2 Months Before

It’s never too early to order! Some items take several weeks to be manufactured and shipped (especially anything with custom designs!) so don’t put it off. We offer a huge variety of decorations, cheer and spirit essentials, and much more!

Get the word out! Design an advertising campaign for every event, including fliers, posters, and personalized banners. Distribute flyers to all the students and hang the posters and banners in high-traffic areas of your school. Consider placing posters in local stores as well. Your events can’t get too much publicity!
Spirit Week

After all the planning and decorating, the big week is finally here. Get pumped up for all the week’s activities, wear that smile, and cheer your heart out!

One Response to “Basic Tips for Planning Spirit Week!”

  1. Ashley said

    It didnt really help me any because i was trying to find ideas for a halloween costume for national Spirit Week.

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