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Create a Night to Remember for Your Homecoming Dance

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 5, 2009

Night-to-Remember-Homecoming-KitCreate a romantic Homecoming Dance with our Night to Remember Theme Kit from Stumps Spirit. The kit creates a classy Homecoming dance venue for simple, beautiful dance decorations to create a Night to Remember!

The Night to Remember Kit includes 2 Sophisticated Stretch Arches – 1 black and 1 silver, 2 Modern Luminescent Columns – 1 black and 1 silver, 1 Sequin Luminescent Columns, 1 Twilight Lamp – Black, and 1 Silver Hexagon Stand.

Create a base for your kit by covering the floors with blue, black, or silver metallic background paper. Cover the walls with dark blue background paper and use dark blue or purple gossamer to create elegant curtains from floor to ceiling. String some twinkle lights with the gossamer and in swags across the ceiling for a soft, romantic glow. Scatter some white and dark blue pearl tone balloons.

For the entrance to your Homecoming dance, place a pair of the Sophisticated Stretch Arches at the front of the room. The arches great a dramatic opening to your venue and make for a great setting for commemorative photos.

Set the 8’ tall lighted Modern Luminescent Columns around your space to create depth and fullness. The columns are constructed from elastic fabric over an aluminum frame and look especially chi when accented with silver metallic streamers.

Hang Oriental Stretch Lanterns in black and purple around the room, suspended from the ceiling. They add an extra special dimension to your decorations and create an air of elegance.

The Gleaming Brilliance Parasol furthers the effect. Set them along side your columns or suspend them from the ceiling.

This Homecoming kit can easily work with many different Homecoming themes or slogans. Incorporate custom Homecoming banners and other decorating basics to personalize the look for your dance.

For a wonderful Homecoming dance favor that will coordinate well with this Homecoming theme, try our Personalized Catalina Cordial Glass with Gel Candle. The glass is 3 3/4″ high and holds 2 ounces of your choice of gel color. Plus, the glass is custom imprinted with your event wording or logo!

Check out all of our Homecoming supplies. Stumps Spirit is Your Homecoming, Spirit and School Event Headquarters Since 1926 with hundreds of Homecoming week themes to choose from you can’t go wrong!

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