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Create a Fun City Themed Homecoming with All That Jazz Decorations

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 12, 2009

All-That-Jazz-Homecoming-KitFor a city theme Homecoming dance that has the fun and flair of a jazz club or the Roaring 20’s, try the All That Jazz Kit for a fantastic kit of focal point decorations.

The All That Jazz Kit includes 1 Backdrop, 1 Balustrade, 1 Skyline, 1 Bandstand,1 Dancing Couple Standee, 1 Jazz Guy Standee and 1 Jazz Flapper Standee.

Create a base for your theme kit decorations using red flat paper and cobblestone or flat stone flat paper to cover the walls and floor. Red or dark blue gossamer also work well for creating a backdrop.

Next, set the scene with the All That Jazz Backdrop and All That Jazz Skyline. The backdrop stands 10’ tall by 25’ wide and the skyline is 9’ tall and 25 feet wide. Together, the freestanding cardboard pieces create a fantastic layered effect that really adds dimension to your city theme Homecoming.

The All That Jazz Balustrade is 46” tall and 72” wide and is great for breaking up a large space. To add to the effect, set the balustrade near the All That Jazz Bandstand. The bandstand is 94” tall and 88” wide and looks great with our Jazz Guy Standees.

Finish off the look with our Jazz Flapper, Jazz Car Standee and Jazz Dancing Couple Standees. They’re great for accenting photo ops with too! Our tiered foil chandeliers add a dazzling effect to your ceiling!

Set our City Street Lights along the entrance to your event or around the space to create a great city accent to your other city theme homecoming decorations.

Stumps Spirit also has a huge selection of Homecoming Favors to hand out to students. They’ll love remembering your Homecoming dance with a personalized favor. For an All That Jazz Homecoming, we suggest the Celestial Escape Frame, which features swirls of stars and moons bordering an acrylic frame. Your custom imprint is printed on the picture window.

Check out all of our custom Homecoming banners, decorating materials, and tons of other Homecoming theme decorations for more ideas! Stumps Spirit is your Homecoming, Spirit, and School Event Headquarters Since 1926. You can’t beat our affordable decorations and fast delivery!

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