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Cheerleading Tryout Tips

Posted by Stumps Spirit on June 24, 2010

This may seem like an odd time to post tryout tips, but it can take up to 3 months to prepare your body for the rigors of cheerleading. Don’t know where to start? Here are some hints to help you prepare for T-day. So grab those cheerleader poms and get ready!

Practice Your Moves

Now’s the time to perfect those tumbling passes, stunts and dance routines! If you are unsure about your gymnastic or dance abilities, take some lessons at the local “Y”. This will help your confidence on the big day! You can also prepare to perform you stunts on tryout day by first marking them on the ground. (If you are a flyer, practice the stunts on a bench or chair.) Remember to focus on your timing, balance and tightness.

Shout it Out

Coaches need to hear you! Work on controlling volume and projection. Yell from your diaphragm, not your throat, to increase volume and learn to emphasize “key” words in each cheer to keep from becoming monotone. Consider using a metronome to help you practice rhythm. This clock-like ticking device has an adjustable beat. It will help you time your cheers and improve your voice projection so that you shout your words clearly and with power.

Be Prepared

Come to clinics with a notebook, pen and blank tape. Ask questions, take notes and record any music you’ll need for dance routines. You’ll also want to get all the necessary consent forms filled out right away. This will demonstrate responsibility!

Show Enthusiasm

Coaches and cheerleaders agree that it’s important to have a positive, enthusiastic outlook, especially on tryout day. If you aren’t energetic and excited about trying out, your body and your facial expressions will give you away. Be sure to put on a smile all week long before tryouts. Also be supportive and encouraging of others when they try out.

Look Your Best

On the big day, a minimal amount of makeup looks best. Use a light gloss or lip balm to keep your lips moist and bright. Keep blush, eyeliner and eye shadow subtle. You don’t want it running when you get sweaty. Jewelry is a safety hazard. So are long nails — and check with the coach before you use polish since many don’t allow it. Remember to pull your hair back so that everyone can see your smiling face! Also, lose the gum. It’s a no-go during practice and performance

Relax and Have Fun!

On tryout day, take a deep breath and have confidence in yourself! Remember to get warmed up and stay that way before you try out – you don’t want a pulled muscle stopping you. If you make a mistake, keep going. The judges may not even notice! But most importantly, have fun out there and remember to smile!

Best wishes for great tryouts from Stumps Party, your school spirit store!

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