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Cheerleading Squad Fundraising Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on July 16, 2010

Uniforms, cheer camp, competitions – cheerleading costs can really add up! Need some fun ways to offset your bills? You’ve come to the right place! We have some great school fundraising ideas below. They’ll get your squad pumped up and ready to raise some cash before you can say “Go, Fight, Win!”

Fundraising Pointers

    1) Find an organized member of the squad to chair the fundraising committee. The committee does not have to be large, but should have enough members to successfully organize the fundraising events. Consider rotating cheerleaders on and off of the committee on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

    2) Get the whole squad involved! Whether they are on the fundraising committee or not, all the cheerleaders should help with the actual fundraising events.

    3) Keep your squad motivated with a specific goal. New uniforms or a trip to a competition are very inspiring reasons to work hard!

    4) Be aware of your squad’s focus. If the cheerleaders are preparing for a competition, don’t choose a fundraiser that requires a lot of time and energy. Save those fundraisers for a less intense part of the season.

    5) Set your fundraising goods and services at a fair price. Good value motivates people to buy!

    6) Consider using a professional fundraising company. These companies specialize in school fundraising and can really help your squad bring in the cash.

    7) Most of all, have fun!

Fundraising Ideas

    Party Cheers

    Advertise your services for children’s birthday parties. Little girls will be thrilled to learn some basic cheers! With three or four squad members there, you can make between $25 and $50 for two hours.

    Simply Irresistible

    Have your squad nominate 15 guys from your school to compete in a “Mr. Irresistible Contest.” In the style of the Miss America Pageant, host a show where the guys compete in areas of talent, dance, question and answer, and crowd appeal. Squad members can tally the crowd votes and announce the winner! Prizes can be donated from local businesses, food can be sold during the show, and all the ticket sales are yours to keep!

    Holiday Babysitting

    You will make parents very happy while earning money at the same time! Advertise your babysitting services between Thanksgiving and Christmas so parents can shop for the holidays. You can charge $5 per hour for the first child and $1 per hour for each additional child. For liability reasons, you may need a coach or other adult with you, but the profit is worth it!

    Clean it Up

    Contact a local restaurant or café and arrange for cheerleaders to bus tables in exchange for 5-10% of the day’s returns. Ask if you can wear your cheerleading shirts or outfits, or other identifying team supplies such as beads or badges – that way customers will see your dedication and may even add a donation or two!

    Hold a Hostage

    Before a big game, “kidnap” (with permission) one of your school’s star players. Hold him/her hostage until students, parents, and teachers donate enough money to “bail” the star out!

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