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Hot Cheers II

Posted by Stumps Spirit on July 30, 2010

We are very happy to continue sharing the hottest and best cheers you’ve sent to us!

From Shallotte Middle School Squad:

We’ve heard it through the grapevine
that your team is mighty tough,
but when you’re up against the mighty Pirates (pause, pause)
What you’ve got is not enough!

Up, Up Away
Up, up and away,
SMS is goin’ all the way
(repeat 3 X)

A couple great cheers from Bronson K:

Boom Boom
All across the nation there’s a Bengal sensation XX
Gonna take you for a ride and move from side to side
Can’t you feel it? A BOOM, BOOM.
(One person) Say what? (Repeat cheer)

The P is for party
and the A is for alright
the R is for Rebels
and the T is for tonight
the Y is for you and you know what to do
so PARTY….. Don’t let your mama know
PARTY…..Cuz she won’t let you go
PARTY……. jump out the window
PARTY….hey hey hey hey!

From the Cougars at AGWSR:

Mighty Mighty
Stand up XX
Be proud XX
Shout your name XX
Out loud
We are the Cougars!
The mighty mighty Cougars!

The Middlesboro Hornets Cheerleading Squad sent some, too.

Hornets’ power pact
We’ve got it again
The power to win!

Hornets Rule
Our team’s too cool
They rock, they rule
They won the game
You know their name
The hornets
Yeah yeah
The Hornets!

Thanks to all the schools that have shared some of their hot cheers. Find Hot Cheers I here, and watch for more!

Meantime, check out all our team supplies at Stumps You’ll be glad you did!


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