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Start Homecoming Dance Planning in August

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 9, 2010

Don’t delay! The more bookings you have to do (hall, D.J., catering, security, etc.), the earlier you should start!

Homecoming Committee

Begin with selecting the Homecoming Committee, which you can do by recruitment, a general sign-up for volunteers, a “draft” (i.e., of class officers), or any combination of the above. Use last year as a guideline for how many volunteers you’ll need. Although your school’s “mileage” may vary, the subcommittee/task breakdown will shake out something like the following.

Homecoming Subcommittees

  • Budget
  • Chaperoning/Security
  • Cleanup
  • Decorations
    • -Focal Point
      -General Theme
      -Photo Area
  • Entertainment/Music/Songs/Announcers
  • Favors/Souvenirs (glassware, frames, key tags, photo albums)
  • Flowers
  • Food/Refreshments
  • School Fundraising
  • Lighting/Sound
  • Location
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Overall Organization/Coordination
  • Photography
  • Set-Up
  • Event Table Decorations
  • Theme/Color Selection
  • Ticket-Selling
  • Transportation
  • Homecoming Planning Checklist for August

    □ Select the Homecoming Committee
    □ Identify subcommittees and their members
    □ Go over the planning timeline and deadlines
    □ Select the dance date
    □ Set a budget
    □ Open a bank account
    □ Book the venue — even if it’s the school gym, you’ll want to clear the dates with administration and athletics departments
    □ Create a guest list of administrators, teachers and others to invite besides the student body
    □ Start the theme selection process

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