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Hot Cheers IV

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 12, 2010

With the help of cheerleading squads from around the US, Stumps Party — the leader in school spirit supplies — has compiled a sampling of some of the best and hottest cheers around today. Today we feature cheers from Forbush High in East Bend, NC, and from the TMS Eagles. First, the Forbush Falcons get charged up:

Are You Ready
Falcon fans are you ready
We’re here to steal the show
Red and white are on the move
Falcons: let’s go
Straight to the top
The winning combination
Forbush, oh yes
The best in the nation!

Red White Blue
Falcons get to it
Yell the words let do it
Yell it red (red)
Come on white (white)
Say it blue (blue)
Put it all together
Red White Blue (repeat last line)

Wake Up
Wake UP!
Pay attention
Those Falcons are back again
But we didn’t come to watch
XX We Came to Win!

And now, for the Eagles:

Our Year
2010 this is our year
Stand up everybody cheer
Yell go — go X
yell fight — fight X
yell win—win
Put it together together
Say it again
Go fight win

It’s Time
T-M-S it’s time X
To reach for the top X
Yell go go go for it
Eagles don’t stop.
Unite – gold blue and white
second to none alright X
Yell go go go for it
Eagles don’t stop.

They make you want to break out the megaphones, don’t they? Our thanks go to the squads at these two schools for contributing! See our previous posts for more cheer ideas.

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