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Stock Your School Store with Spirit Items

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 16, 2010

Get students and staff fired up for a new school year right from the start while putting the “fun” in “school fundraising“! Load up your school store with all things spirit, from practical pens and pencils to fun cheerphones and funtoos. Stocking your store with these items will keep students supplied, fill your school with spirit, and help fund activities.

Here’s a list of must-haves for your school store this year! Simply print off this list and mark each box when that item is purchased.

β–‘ Background Paper
β–‘ Sports Bags & Backpacks
β–‘ Badges
β–‘ Candy Concession Supplies
β–‘ Cheerphones
β–‘ Face Paint
β–‘ Folders & Notebooks
β–‘ Funtoos
β–‘ I.D. Holders
β–‘ Key Tags
β–‘ Magnets
β–‘ Noisemakers
β–‘ Paint Kits
β–‘ Pencils
β–‘ Pens
β–‘ Pennants
β–‘ Pins
β–‘ Planners
β–‘ Pom Pons
β–‘ Stadium Cups
β–‘ Stickers

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