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Hot Cheers V

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 19, 2010

Just as you stock up on great noisemakers, you’ll want to stock up on great cheers! Stumps Spirit has collected tons of the hottest cheers around. The following are single cheer examples sent by cheerleaders and squads from all over. Be sure to check out our previous cheer posts, linked at the end of this one.

Knights Attack
Knights we want a victory,
Hey hey
What ya get is what ya see
Hey hey
We get down and we attack
Hey hey
We ain’t holdin’ nothin’ back
Hey hey
I said hey

Bulldogs are Back
Hey! We’re back!
The best is yet to come
Canyon City Bulldogs XX
We’re #1
Bulldogs, we are the best
A step above the rest
We won’t stop
Til we get
To the top
Let’s go Dogs
Go blue, go white
Sit back hold tight
This is the end XX
We’ve come to win!

We’re Here
Tigers … We’re proud, yeah!
Yes! We’re here
The best team you’ll see
Cougar. All Stars.
You’d better believe.
We’re here to win it
That’s right
The colors of the year
Are black, gold and white!

Go Fight
Eagles on the left, come on, say “Go!”
1-2-3, GO!
Eagles on the right, come on, say “Fight!”
1-2-3, FIGHT!
Eagles all together yell, “Go, Fight, Win!”
(You turn to the left, stepping around with your right foot first, and then to the right with your left foot first, as you say the words)

Coming to Get You
We’re coming to get you
We’re coming to get you
Ain’t nothing you can do
Gonna get you…hey hey!
You’re through!

Nurture pride and a sense of community with the sound of human voices in unison and a few good school spirit items! Check out Stumps Party online catalogs and our previous cheer posts, for both!

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  1. Great Cheers!

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