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Homecoming Dance Planning Checklist for September

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 30, 2010

We hope last month’s article and checklist for beginning the Homecoming Dance planning process has been helpful! This post picks up where the last one left off.

By this time, you should have a Homecoming Committee and sub-committees established, a budget, a bank account, and timelines worked out. You should also have the venue booked for the date of the dance, and a guest list completed.

Homecoming Dance Committee Decisions for September

This month, your first priority is to finalize your theme and colors so the decorating, marketing, and fundraising sub-committees can get to work using the information. Although it’s fine to leave the final theme decision up to a vote by Committee members, keep in mind that a school-wide vote on 2 or 3 theme finalists could generate extra excitement for the dance.

Your second task is to hire the outside professionals you’ll need.

Homecoming Planning Checklists for September

4-6 Weeks Before the Homecoming Dance
□ Finalize theme and colors decisions
□ Interview and get bids from 3 caterers, if using; make final selections for caterer, food and other refreshments
□ Listen to tapes and call references for the preferred entertainment; make final selection
□ Evaluate photographers, if using, and make the final selection
□ Hire security, if using
□ Work out the designs and wording for tickets and invitations
□ Get the Decorations sub-committee(s) started on plans

3-4 Weeks Before the Dance
□ Send event invitations
□ Line up chaperones
□ Confirm bookings

    □ Caterer
    □ Entertainment
    □ Photographer
    □ Security

□ Confirm supply orders

Our next post will cover the last 2-3 weeks of Homecoming Planning.

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