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Get the Crowd on Its Feet for the Big Game

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 2, 2010

It’s not too tough to get the crowd on their feet — as long as you have a few tricks up your sleeve! Here are 20 tips for adding excitement before and during the game!

1. Silent Night. Shhh! Save your spirit for your team’s first touchdown. Instruct all the fans (at the pep rally) that they are to be completely silent until their team scores. Then unleash all that pent-up energy in a torrent of school spirit! This is a great way to intimidate your rivals while super-charging your fans!

2. Half-time Show. Give ’em a real spectacle! Play the loudest music, perform the hippest dances, and execute the most daring stunts during half-time. This will energize the fans for another round of game action!

3. Tug-of-War. Rally the crowd with a tug between your mascot and the rival team’s mascot! Rent the rival team’s mascot costume and recruit a student to play the part for the game. Your mascot and “their” mascot then fight it out-and your mascot wins! Mock fights between the mascots during the game also keep the victorious spirit alive!

4. Have a Ball. Get the crowd in the mood for fun! Provide one or two colorful beach balls for the crowd to bat around before the game. Once the game starts, have the fans autograph the balls as a fun gift for the coach or MVP!

5. Battle of the Lungs. Who’s got the most school spirit? Find out in a shouting contest (held before the game or during a time-out). It’s the left side of the crowd against the right in this exciting battle of spirit!

6. Sea of Fans. Create a sea of color in the stands! Give the first person in each row a 19″ roll of gossamer. As the roll is passed from person to person along the horizontal row, your school’s dominance unfolds. (A 100-yard roll covers the length of a football field!) When the fans are covered, start a giant wave. The opposing fans will be shrouded with embarrassment when they see a GIANT flag of your school colors.

7. Keepin’ It Cool. Show the competition you can’t be bothered with their presence. When their team members are announced, yank out your newspapers, and pretend you’re reading, or stand up and turn your back to them, or put on your sunglasses and act ultra-cool.

8. Noise Power! Sell a variety of noisemakers (cheerphones, cow bells, horns, kazoos, imprinted clicker poms, and spirit clappers) to the fans so they can distract the rival school and applaud their own team.

9. Wear It with Pride. Bandanas, foam mitts, spirit towels, and poms are great visual ways to increase enthusiasm.

10. It’s a New Wave. Start a unique wave in the bleachers. Instead of the normal wave where fans rise slightly and raise their arms, encourage them to do the “twister”. (Fans stand up completely, turn all the way around, and sit back down.)

11. Spread the Word. Put up sports banners and signs in the gym before each game. Use your opponent’s name, and give each battle a new weapon. A few rolls of our seamless paper in your school colors will work perfectly! (For big games, give the gym an extra boost with balloons and crepe paper too!)

12. Time for Traditions. Create Homecoming traditions. (Use the same cheer for free throws, feature your fight song each game, use the crowd’s favorite chant at time-outs, etc.)

13. Mascot Madness. Nothing gets a crowd more excited than their school mascot – brought to life! Put your rowdiest fan inside your school’s biggest hero and watch the crowd fire up!

14. Mega-Loud. If they can’t hear you, how can they join in? Use our megaphones to help project your voices, and get your cheers heard loud and clear!

15. Spell It Out. Make hand held signs with big, clear words to lead the crowd – our strong corrugated paper works really well for this.

16. Educate the Masses. Teach new crowd cheers at pep rallies so that your fans will know them in time for the big game.

17. Powerful Poms. Pass out our popular poms in your school colors. They are inexpensive, and your rival will be green with envy when they see the sea of your school colors on your bleachers.

18. Giant Flags. Run around the field with giant school flags to pump up the crowd.

19. Push-ups. Do push ups in the end zone for each point scored.

20. Noodles. Get foam noodles or other customized wavers in your school colors, pass them out to the crowd for sea-waving school spirit.


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