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Contests for a Stellar Spirit Week

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 14, 2010

Take inventory of your supply of school spirit items from Stumps Party and offer some of them as prizes for these fun Spirit Week contests!

Nice Stems. Take pictures of all the senior football players legs (just the legs!). For Spirit Week, attach the pictures of each player’s stems to a collection can. Let the students know that the picture with the most spare change in the can at the end of the week wins the contest. Reveal the identities of the contestants and the winner at the pep rally! This also makes a great fundraiser.

Chug-A-Lug. Wanna break from cheering? Get the squad together for a milk-drinking contest during lunch (juice or soda could also work). Make sure the table and floor are covered in plastic, and that everyone has plenty of liquid to chug! The cheerleader who drinks the most in one minute wins the contest. For this contest, you may want to award a “Got Milk?” poster to the winner!

Name That Senior. Set up a table in the cafeteria, gym, or hallway for baby pictures of the senior football players and senior cheerleaders to be displayed. Set a jar and a pile of forms for the students to guess which senior corresponds to what picture (assign each picture a number). At the end of the week, tally the correct answers and announce both the names of the seniors and the winners of the contest at the pep rally!

From Hall to Spirit Wall. You’ll need plenty of seamless paper for hall decorating contests between classes. Paint it, glitter it, or layer it! (Get the optimum effect by placing one contrasting color over another. Then cut words and symbols in the top layer of paper to show off what’s underneath!).

Powder Puff. Hold a Powder Puff game the night before the big game. Girls are the football players, and guys are the cheerleaders!

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