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Spirited Themes for Spirit Days

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 30, 2010

We’ve got enough Spirit Day ideas below to fill several Spirit Weeks! Enjoy! Be sure to coordinate your school décor with the theme, and remind all students that participation is a MUST!

• Sports Day
Mardi Gras Theme Day
• Cartoon Day
• Fairy Tale Day
• Farm Day

• Safari Day
• Stars and Stripes Day
• Beach Day
• Music Day
• Mismatch Day

• Costume Day
• Pajama Day
• Class Color Day
• Profession Day
• Movie Star Day

• TV Star Day
• International Day
• Western Day
• Armed Forces Day
• Wacky Hair Day

• MTV Day
• Retro Day
• Dress Up Day
• Hawaiian Day
• Fiesta Day

• Upside Down & Backwards Day
Rock Star Event Day
• School Color Day
• Hat Day
Wigs Day


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