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Entertaining Pep Rally Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 8, 2010

A great pep assembly not only gets students out of their classes but gets them fired up for the big game! Focus attention and enhance the group’s sense of shared experience and participation by…getting a little silly! It works! Warm up the crowd with one or more of these entertaining ways to guarantee that your pep rally will be a huge success.

Role Reversal. A few weeks before the rally, pick five (fun!) guys from each class and teach them an easy dance routine. “Girls” by the Beastie Boys and “What a Girl Wants” by Christina Aguilera are two great picks for this dance! Encourage the guys to dress up – and watch the crowd go wild!

King and Queen. Give the teachers a chance to be crowned! Let all the students vote for their favorite male and female teachers (you could use this as a fundraiser as well!), tally the votes, and crown the winners at the pep rally. Provide funny crowns and scepters for lots of laughs!

Make ’em Up. Call out the senior football players and the senior women basketball players (make sure the number is even). The football players should sit on chairs while the women are blindfolded. The object of the game is for the women to put makeup on the men, without looking! One cheerleader can help one couple. The crowd then votes on the winner! (The brighter the makeup the better!)

Give it Away. Crowds love free stuff! Candy, pennants, glow necklaces, and other fun items make great prizes and giveaways. Try this: divide the crowd into sections, listen to which section has the loudest lungs, and hand out buckets of small sweets to the section with the most spirit! Another idea: have everyone drop their name in a bucket on the way in. During the pep rally, pick out three names for great prizes – like game tickets, school shirts, or megaphones.

Audience Art. Select teams of four people from the audience. Give each team a box of materials (crepe streamer, balloons, permanent markers, stickers, cardboard, etc.) and five minutes to create the best spirit display. The crowd response selects the winning team, whose members get a small reward like imprinted stadium cups.

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