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Wave Your Team to a Win with Foam Spirit Products

Posted by Stumps Spirit on January 12, 2011

It’s a crucial point in the game and it’s time for your team’s players to see you cheering them on, so wave your team to a win with foam spirit products. These are great fundraiser items, perfect for passing out at pep rallies, and essential for cheerleaders. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, so catch the wave!

Spirit Paw Mitts – These foam mitts are 12 ½” by 10 ¾” wide by 1” thick, and includes a one-sided imprint. There are 3 easy steps to personalize your foam mitts. Step 1 is to enter up to 3 lines of text to imprint on one side of the paw. Step 2 is to select a typestyle or font to use. Step 3 is to choose one imprint color from a selection of 23 ink colors, and then choose a foam paw color from black, green, gold, maroon, orange, purple, red blue, or yellow.

Spirit Mitts – There are 3 different products available in spirit mitts.
1. We’re #1 Spirit Mitt is 18” with the slogan we’re #1 printed in white on a foam hand with 8 colors to choose from.
2. #1 Spirit Hand Mitts are 12” long and 6” wide. You choose the front and back colors for the hand from 9 color choices, enter up to 3 lines of text, choose the typestyle, and choose the imprint color from 23 color choices.
3. Foam #1 Hands are available in 16” and 18” with a one-sided imprint, or an 18” hand with a two-sided imprint. Enter up to 3 lines of text, choose the typestyle, choose a layout design, choose from 9 color choices for the hand, and choose an imprint color from the standard 23 colors available.

Foam Wavers – There are 2 great products available for foam wavers.
1. We’re #1 Foam Waver measures 28” long with a choice of yellow with blue imprint, red with white imprint, blue with white imprint, or green with white imprint.
2. Spirit Squiggle Foam Waver measures 27” long with a choice of blue, brown, charcoal, green, maroon, navy blue, orange, purple, red, or yellow. Choose any standard school color for your imprint. Enter one line of text, select a typestyle, choose a design, and choose a layout.

Several other foam spirit products are also available for your enjoyment!

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