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Wear Football Spirit to the Game

Posted by Stumps Spirit on January 25, 2011

Packers or Steelers? Deck out in Football Gear!

Click & wear eye blacks to the game!

Whether you’re celebrating the Super Bowl or your hometown team’s football game, you’ll need personalized football fan gear to show spirit. Gather your buddies for an unforgettable event.

Order pizza from your favorite place that delivers and organize a snack buffet table like none other.  Cook hot dogs, BBQ sausages, chips, veggies, and burgers and serve on event tableware.

Give your friends a personalized foam football helmet with your team’s name and colors.

Broadcast your love of the game with an “I Love Football” funtoo or other temporary tattoo.

Proudly announce your allegiance to your favorite team with a football yard sign.  Stick these in the ground around tents or buildings and then give them away as exit prizes at the event’s finish.

Helium-filled, personalized football mylar balloons are a fun touch and also make great fundraising items to sell.

Rev up the gang’s football spirit. Decorate your school’s bus, the hotel lobby, the stadium, your parents’ cars, or just yourself with football team supplies.

What are your favorite football event ideas?

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