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Sweet Valentine Fundraisers

Posted by Stumps Spirit on January 28, 2011

Raise Funds & Have Fun!

Walk through a Valentine's arch!

This February, plan a popular new, Valentine tradition at your school and then raise funds to support your team or cause. Start with the cause in mind. Are you helping a charity? Is your team in need of new uniforms? Choose your focus and then build a fundraising theme around that event.

Consider holding a sweet Valentine’s dance. Sell carnations or silk roses with ribbons during lunch.

Customized candy bars make the perfect Valentine gifts, as well. Create a candy bar and ask students to keep the labels as tickets to the dance. You might even want to consider a candy theme for the event.

Love is in the air! Fill your banquet hall or gym with balloons to add to the romantic ambiance. Combine red, white and pink latex heart balloons with fresh or silk flowers to create centerpieces. Sell or give away centerpieces to staff members or parents the night of the Valentine’s dance fundraiser.

Serve chilled salads or chocolates and pastries on heart within hearts tableware sets.

Sell Valentines tiaras and crowns so that everyone can be a sweet queen or king!

Finally, let loose. Break out the school spirit supplies like noisemakers, clappers, and glow products throughout the night to sell during rowdy songs, cheers, and line dances.

Share your favorite Valentines supplies tips and fundraising ideas.

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