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Five Personalized Team Products Students Love

Posted by Stumps Spirit on February 18, 2011

Add Your School’s Name & Logo to Personalized Products

Create a photo spirit flag. Just click the pic!

The students, parents, teachers and fans at your school will love to cheer on their team with these winning, personalized team products!

1.  Stir up some team spirit with the brightly colored We’re #1 spirit mitts. Order these mitts in your school’s colors!

2.  Why let the cheerleaders have all the fun? Paw cheerphones will broadcast your team spirit from anywhere on the field. These plastic megaphones are available in a wide variety of colors.

3.  Next, be sure that you have something to hold your gear while you cheer on your favorite team! Personalized drawstring backpacks are durable, stylish, and perfect for use as book bags, cheer leading bags, totes, and lunch bags.

4. Show support for your team with a personalized yard sign bearing your team name, photo, logo, and more. These personalized photo yard signs are proudly displayed in front of homes.

5.  While you’re at the game, rally your team with scarlet red & black fast track poms. These poms are available in a multitude of colors and are perfect for showing your school spirit!

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