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Ideas for Club Soccer Fundraising

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 14, 2011

Sell These Fundraising Products

Hang personalized soccer banners at events. Click to buy.

As your school and club soccer teams roll into the spring season, reduce your players’ expenses by selling spirit products in your school or club stores and/ or concession stands.  Try these soccer fundraising ideas:

  • Soccer spirit beads are fun to wear to the games and will make the perfect soccer fundraiser.  Let fans show their team spirit with these shiny “beads” shaped like tiny soccer balls and soccer shoes!
  • Cheer on your fave soccer team with colorful soccer spirit poms! Order and sell soccer fan poms.

For a change of pace, hold a soccer field challenge and play simple games with younger children.  Sell tickets to this event and include the cost of personalized kazoos to play when teammates score.

At each event, hang personalized sports banners near your tent and display tables.  What are some ideas you’ve used when raising funds for school or club soccer teams?

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