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Honor Springtime Athletes With a Fun-Filled Spring Sports Pep Rally!

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 16, 2011

Create-a-Letter for pep rallies

Ask students to hold create-a-letters and shout out school yells at your spring sports pep rally!

Springtime training is in full swing and your school peers are preparing for action with lacrosse, tennis, softball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, and track & field. Take advantage of the cabin fever in the air and introduce your spring team athletes with a fun-filled spring sports pep rally!

  • Kick off your spring sports pep rally by putting your school mascot in a Hawaiian shirt and layering him with plenty of colorful leis. Have him lead the school dance team in a Hawaiian hula dance. Make sure the Polynesian music is turned up and the dance team is wearing grass skirts!
  • Rally for action and play the hula hoop game. Have the track and field athletes, the lacrosse athletes, and so on (with their coaches too!) divide into teams by sport and hold hands in a straight line. (Add students from the audience to balance out the teams if needed.) Give a hula hoop to the first person in each line. The team has to pass the hula hoop to the end of the line without letting go of each other’s hands. The first team to finish wins!
  • Get 3 guys and 3 gals from your spring sports pep rally to volunteer for a Chariot Race. Give each guy an Egyptian hat to wear. Give each girl a star-shaped or sports-ball-shaped Mylar balloon to hold. Have the 3 guys line up in front of three sleeping bags, each with a girl sitting on one. Instruct the guys to pull the sleeping bags in a race around cones while the girls keep their hands in the air holding their balloons and trying not to fall off. Your pep rally will be roaring with spirit!
  • Perform the Who’s on First? skit by Abbott and Costello. Finish your spring sports pep rally with the band playing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and the baseball and softball teams tossing baseball spirit beads to the students in the audience.

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