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Cheerleader Must Haves Ignite School Spirit

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 18, 2011

cheerleader must haves

Stumps cheerleading supplies give your cheerleaders the creative juice to empower school spirit!

Stumps Party has everything your cheerleaders need to get into the school spirit! “Must haves” from mascots to megaphones, balls to buttons, and pins to poms to supply your cheerleaders so they are set for the season, or at least this week’s game. Stock up on all our team school spirit supplies, awards, banners, and tattoos to make sure your whole school is cheering!

Get the Word Out!
Support the teams on game days and elevate school spirit with supplies like custom made sports banners to hang around the school, yard signs, and team wall graphics. Use these school spirit supplies to let students know players’ names and game times so they can be there to cheer on the team. All cheerleading supplies can be custom made and shipped within a few days. You can choose logos or slogans for your specific needs.

Fundraiser Time
Game day is a perfect day to raise money for the squad by selling inexpensive, custom made team buttons, temporary tattoos, or wristbands. Forget the unhealthy bake sale—get creative! You could have cheerleaders face painting all the students at lunch.

Cheerleading Halftime Ideas
Need ideas for your halftime or time outs? Stumps has plenty of school spirit supplies for your cheerleaders to entertain the crowd. Try a football toss through a life preserver, a dance contest, or musical chairs. You need prizes for the winners. How about giving them seat cushions for the game, noisemakers, or an awesome spirit sack with the team logo?

Your cheerleading team and school will be the best equipped and most creative in your region. Stumps has products for all your cheerleading needs, and a lightning fast turnaround when you place your order for cheerleading supplies. So get all your cheerleading “must haves” and Get Fired UP!


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