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Rev Up Crowds with Team Supplies

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 25, 2011

Crowds love to cheer for their favorite team! An enthusiastic group of fans can pump up the team and give them the momentum that they need to play well during the game. Excite the fans and rev up the crowds with team supplies.

Foam Spirit Products
For the fans that canโ€™t resist getting their hands into the game, make sure they are equipped with foam hands and foam wavers! These fun foam spirit products are perfect for supporting your team and distracting the opponent. They are also great for the cheerleading squad to get the crowd into the game.

Cheerleading Signs
Pep up the fans and get the crowd really into cheering on the team using cheerleading signs and letters. The signs are also useful for helping teach the crowd a cheer. Choose from signs that are already designed, or create your own unique sign customized with your own cheer words.

Let the crowds hear your cheers loud, clear, and proud with a megaphone! The megaphones come in an array of colors to coordinate with your school colors and they are virtually indestructible. These megaphones are recommended by the National Cheerleaders Association.

Spirit shakers
Shake up your opponents with spirit shakers! The white shakers sound like maracas and they are imprintable with black, blue, green, maroon, orange, or red imprinting. Shake your fans awake and shake your way to victory!

Spirit Poms
Fans like to get their hands on the spirit poms. Whether you are rallying your team from behind, or cheering your winning team on to victory, fans love to use the spirit poms to join in the fun. There are a myriad of colorful pom styles to choose from including: green lighted spirit poms, sport fan poms, oval fan poms, circle fan poms, #1 fan poms, and many, many more.

All of these team supplies will help you raise the level of crowd enthusiasm and turn up the noise in support of your team. Let your team hear you spurring them on one game at a time.


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