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It’s Time for a New Mascot

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 28, 2011

The team mascot is the beloved leader at school functions and games. Everyone looks to see what that mascot is doing and where that mascot is now. The young kids even enjoy taking pictures with the mascot and getting an autograph. How long has the current mascot costume been in use at your school? If you are like most schools, too long to remember! Retire that old mascot costume; it’s time for a new mascot to make a debut.

Thermo-Lite Mascots
Great news for mascots, heavy, awkward mascot costumes can be a thing of the past. Thermo-lite mascots are just what the name suggests, light weight mascot costumes. These new costume heads are 50% lighter than the traditional plastic heads. That means that the costume is cooler and easier to wear. The thermo-lite foam rubber heads have shoulder straps but no longer have “head gear” inside of them like some of the old-style plastic heads.

Mascot Costumes
When selecting a school mascot to represent your school’s spirit and team dedication, enlist someone who is outgoing, displays a good attitude, represents the school well, and someone who is physically able to perform the mascot duties. What’s your school mascot? Stumps Spirit offers so many great mascot costumes to choose from, your mascot is bound to be available. These costumes are durable, affordable, and are designed to fit individuals ranging from 5’ 2″ tall to 6’ 2″ tall.

Mascot Accessories
Play it safe when it comes to your mascot’s safety. During the hot weather, keep them from over-heating by supplying them with cooling accessories while they are revving up the crowds with megaphones and cheering for the team. Depending on your mascot, another one of the important mascot accessories is fat padding, which is great for bulking up your mascot when necessary.

Remember that it is a game and whether the team wins or loses that day, being a mascot is about having fun and cheering on your team.

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