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Props & Sets for School Videos

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 30, 2011

There are times throughout the year that various people need to produce a school video. Whether the video is for a class project or in the form of a marketing tool for the school, the video can reach a high level of production. Make sure to have the best possible props and sets for school videos at your disposal. Here are some recommended props and sets:

Movie Clapboard
Every good production takes time and rehearsal. The final product usually is not reached until there are several takes to get the best video possible. A movie clapboard can help keep track of the clips, especially if there is editing involved in the project. The clapboard has a moveable clapper for a realistic movie prop or to use for editing. It comes with chalk to easily update the information on the clapboard.

During the making of a video, there are often times when actors or video participants are a distance away from the director of the video. Make use of megaphones to project the directions so that all participants can hear their cues and follow the director.

Wall Graphics and Banners
When filming a school video for marketing purposes, have a professional printed wall graphic in the background of the scene or a large sports banner displayed. Team spirit wall graphics are reusable and repositionable detailed graphics that are either small or large depending on the style you choose. A school banner in the background is also a good way to show your school spirit while displaying your school name, mascot, or event.

Background Materials
For creating a specific look for the video, there are tons of great background materials that will help set the scene for the viewers. Background materials include: gossamer, pattern flat paper, background illustrations, patterned corrugated material, poly vinyl rolls, and more. Choose the best background for your video based on the setting and the walls that the material will cover.

Create a well designed scene for your video without a Hollywood movie set budget. Include a variety of items and props for a realistic and high level production.


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