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Beyond Markers- Creative Banner Possibilities

Posted by Stumps Spirit on April 8, 2011

Raise the level of creativity and energy at your sporting event with banners of various styles. Personalized banners are a great way to show your team support and team spirit. Hang banners around the school gym, the cheerleading squad can hold up banners, and fans in the stands can display them also. Sports banners are perfect at a sports banquet or hanging in the coach’s office.

Sports Banners
Choose from a variety of sports banners that you can personalize with your school and/or team information. There are several horizontal and vertical banners to fit your sports decorating needs. Sports banners are easy to transport so you can bring a sports banner to hang by the visiting team bleachers to help identify the seating, and give a boost to your fans team spirit.

Make a banner for each member of the team using the create-a-bana and banner paints. These banners are affordable and you can design anything on them that you can paint, write, or draw. A convenient feature of the create-a-bana is that it is retractable. This makes it easy to take along to away games and pull out the banner when it is needed. The banner paint cleans up nicely with soap and water, and the paint is non-toxic. Get the paint set that comes with eight colors (blue, orange, brown, purple, black, red, green, and yellow) and has a 3 inch color-coded brush that fits into the lid. The deluxe kit includes a 1 inch brush and a 2 inch brush for each color in addition to the set of 8 paints with the 3 inch brushes. Another great paint option is glow in the dark paint which comes in yellow.

Let your team see your support as well as hear it by having different kinds of banners to cheer them on when the game is on the line and they need a little pick me up.


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