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Floats, Football Games, and Dances—Your Homecoming Checklist

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 3, 2011

Homecoming is the first major event that many high schools hold. Make sure that your school’s homecoming is one that everyone remembers from the floats to the big game & dance that follows.

Homecoming Checklist:

  • Promote your school’s Homecoming starting several weeks before using event banners that can be personalized with your school colors and the Homecoming date.
  • If your school has a Homecoming parade, you’ll want to organize all of the clubs and teams that will be participating. Sell parade supplies before or after school to the participants. You may want to include a special float for the prom court or one just for the prom king & queen if your parade is after the dance.
  • Choose your Homecoming committee & decide on a theme. Set up shifts for the committee members to spend hanging Homecoming theme decorations, but be sure the vision is clear so everything gets done correctly.
  • Set up your voting system for prom court. Make announcements about a week prior to voting so that everyone that’s running has time to promote themselves.
  • Purchase plenty of Homecoming royalty items so that everyone receives something special on the big night.

When you use this easy list to plan & organize your school’s Homecoming, you’ll have people begging you to work on the prom committee next!


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