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Homecoming Dance Favors & Fun

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 21, 2011

The Homecoming dance is coming up fast! By this time you’ve got your theme idea, and what kinds of Homecoming supplies you’ll need to rock it. Next step is to choose just the right Homecoming favors to complete the evening.

Album & Frame Favors
Album favors and frame favors suit Homecoming naturally, because they’re ready to receive posed photos and candid shots from the event. Look for theme designs or keep it simply elegant in black, gold or silver.

Take your Homecoming favor browsing beyond albums and frames to examine other possibilities. Photo cubes are fun and affordable. Key tags and even clocks have room for photos and feed your practical side as well.

Edible and Consumable Favors
Candy, gum and other edibles are perennially popular but have other advantages, too. Containers and other packaging allow for a high degree of customizability to your theme and individual event, and the cost ranges widely so you’re sure to find many suitable options for your budget that will also have a look that’s one of a kind.

Design chocolate and candy lollipops for a Candy Land Homecoming theme, caramel popcorn for a Carnival dance, and elegant mint tins for City, Black Tie or other, more formal Homecoming themes.

Of course, you don’t have to be a zombie to understand that edible favors for a Halloween themed Homecoming dance are a no-brainer!

Kick up personalization another notch by selecting candy jars or cookie tins in a theme design and then filling them yourself.

Look for other consumables such as soaps, lip balms and drink mixes.

Favors that Double as Décor and Tableware
Many customized edible and other Homecoming favors absolutely deserve a place at the table. You can place them on top of – or alongside of – place settings, or as part of your centerpieces (as we’ve shown with the Mardi Gras lollipops).

Another option is to wrap up Homecoming favors and favor combos in swanky swag bags, eye-catching thematic totes or custom keepsake tins that add a dressy touch to tables.

Imagine also the sparkle you can bring with carefully selected glassware favors and custom candles.

Don’t Forget the Favor Finder
The Favor Finder is fun and easy to use. Whether you’re already halfway to a Homecoming favor decision or could use a bit of help narrowing down the selection, Favor Finder will help you reach the perfect result for your event, theme and budget.


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