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Team Spirit Boosters- 5 Ways to Encourage Unity

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 12, 2011

Everyone has high hopes for this season and this team. Whether you are the coach, assistant coach, team member, or a fan, you have probably anticipated what the possibilities could be if the team came together and played their best. Listed below are 5 team spirit boosters, or ways to encourage unity among team members to help move them toward creating the season of a lifetime.

1. Develop your team identity by providing bags designed with the school logo and the sport name, or school motto imprinted on the bag for each member of the team. These bags are great for carrying their uniforms, shoes, equipment, a water bottle, etc., and help make it easy to recognize that they are apart of the team.

2. Give the team an assignment to come up with a chant specific to their team and give them each noisemakers or a we’re #1 cheerphone so that in the locker room before the game or right before the start of the game, the team can do their chant together with their noisemakers or cheerphones to pump themselves up, and display their team unity to their fans and competitors alike.

3. Stress to your team that one of the most important keys to success and unity as a team is communication. Lack of communication pulls a team apart and creates individuals not working as a smooth operating machine. Positive communication unifies a team and gives them greater opportunity to achieve a higher level of performance. Emphasize this point by handing out embroidered lanyards for them to put their keys on and use to recall that communication is one key to success. The lanyards have your school or mascot name embroidered on the left side and the team member’s name on the right side.

4. Do workouts together as a team to reach team fitness goals, and to encourage each other to hit personal fitness goals. Provide each team member with one of the bold colored sport towels with the words “GO TEAM!” imprinted on it to use during workout sessions.

5. Give your team a historical link to a previous generation by identifying a past team from your school that was successful and had strong team unity. Display a custom wall decal of that team and explain to your team that one of the ingredients of the accomplishments of that particular team was that they were unified as a team. Then put up a custom wall decal of your current team and encourage them to emulate a similar level of team unity as their counterparts of the past. To create custom wall decals, just upload a photo, select a design, add your own wording, and a 40 inch high by 47 inch wide decal will be printed for you.

Look for daily ways to foster the bond and trust between team members that equals team unity, but ultimately it is up to the team to take the reins and develop a strong connection!


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