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Stock Your Tournament Concession Store

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 26, 2011

From Yum to Fun Spirit Supplies

Looking for some bold and exciting ideas for stocking your team’s concession store? How about offering items that will not only satisfy the crowds hunger and thirst, but shout out support for your team? Think about how you can help create a winning atmosphere by selling items with your team’s name, logo, or colors on them. Fans will also be able to re-live an exciting event by taking something home to remind them of the “Game of the Year”!

Brightly team colored balloons and foam fingers visually lift the level of spirit in the crowd, while personalized noise makers help increase the volume. Megaphones not only help cheer your team on double as centerpieces for the victory or end of the season party. They can be turned upside down and filled with candy, whimsical ribbons on a stick, floating balloons, and/or pictures of team players captured throughout the season. The megaphone displays make meaningful keepsakes for both players and parents.

Who wouldn’t want to have a banner to hold up that proclaims a favorite team with pride? Or one just to boldly say “We Are Number 1,” or “Victory is Ours!” Durable banners with the team’s name and season would make great mementos when hung on a wall in a bedroom, basement, or proudly displayed on a front porch for all to see.

Add specialized candy to bring more fun to the game for young and old alike.  Savor rainbow swirl lollipops or personalized chocolate lollipops. These unique candies can be labeled with the name of the team, organization, or each member of the starting team.

Stock travel mugs with the name and logo of the team. Many parents want to have one of these to proudly display their son’s or daughter’s love for sports. Plus, you might want to offer a free re-fill with each purchase.

Finally, hang a sports related background illustration and bring the game inside the store. These can also be used as a hanging backdrop for the celebration party to come.

Stocking those shelves can be more than just the usual candy and soda items. You can play a large part in spreading team spirit and giving your guys or gals an edge in their important game, while offering something to remember it by, too!


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