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It’s All About Basketball Spirit

Posted by Stumps Spirit on January 18, 2012

The school’s basketball team is moving on toward the championships. How can you help the players, coaches, parents, students, and fans to gear up their team spirit?  Inspire victory with basketball spirit items, school spirit items, and party supplies.

Basketball Spirit Items & Ideas

  • Hang banners and cut outs to decorate the players’ hallway lockers.  Fasten large, basketball personalized banners in the gym and hallways to create a spirited basketball themed arena!
  • Upload pictures to create cardboard standees.  Place the cutouts in key spots where they are sure to uplift the players and fans.
  • For the games, make sure to have plenty of noisemakers-clappers, cow bells, and bam bams on hand to raise the energy level!
Basketball Team Gear Essentials
    Does your team have a mascot? Nothing gets fans pumped up and is more fun than mascots. If you don’t have one, think about bringing in this jovial addition to the cheer leading squad.
    For a simple team unifier, you will want to make sure your players have matching sports gear bags or draw string back packs in school colors with the team emblem on them.
    Place inside each bag a sports spirit bottle, colored rally towel with the words “Go Team!” along with a personalized candy bar.
    No matter where your team ends up this season, have fun along the way. Your support and encouragement will take players to personal victories. Let them know you are 100% behind them.

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