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Soccer Spirit Gear that Really Kicks

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 19, 2012

Soccer Items for Spirit Camps, Festivals, & Games

Soccer fans are some of the most passionate fans on the planet. Don’t let the football and baseball teams have all the glory when it comes to school spirit. There are plenty of great spirit items to support your schools soccer team, and any true soccer fan will be more than excited to show their spirit!

For the fans in the stands, these soccer spirit beads will add some fun to the game. They have soccer cleats and soccer balls on them, and come in black, blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red, silver, or white. Spirit beads are 21 inches long and come in packages of 12. Buy both your school colors and wear multiple beads at the same time!

Now that your fans are decked out below the neck, make a soccer statement on their faces with a soccer face painting stamp. The stamp, which is 1 inch in diameter, can be used with any face paint. Some fans will be content with one stamp on their cheek while others may put them all over. Make sure to have face paint available in both your school colors for fans who want to go all out.

While action isn’t going on out on the soccer field, keep fans entertained with mini soccer balls. These mini soccer balls come in blue, green, orange, purple, red, white and yellow and can be printed with your schools logo on them. Not only will it be fun to toss the balls around, but it will also make for a great keepsake from the soccer season.

True fans will do all they can to make enough noise to pump up the team. Inflatable Spirit Stix are the perfect way to make some noise that will energize soccer players and get the crowd cheering. Game come down to a shootout? Use the Stix to make lots of noise to break the concentration of the opposing team. Spirit Stix are known to get even the quietest fan to make some noise.

Some fans aren’t energized enough to stand the entire game, but they can show their spirit with a personalized seat cushion. Not only does this cushion represent your school with its name and/or mascot, but it gives businesses in the community the opportunity to support the soccer team by purchasing advertising space on one side of the cushion. Talk about a great fund raiser that fans of all ages will enjoy in the stands!

Bring your soccer spirit gear and soccer fan items to the Shindigz National Soccer Festival or display soccer fan gear at your own school, club, state, or professional tournaments this year!

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