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High School Senior Spirit Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on April 10, 2012

For three long years, students have their eyes on their final year of high school. Senior year is a huge deal for all high school students. There’s homecoming, prom, senior awards, sporting events, performing arts events, and finally, there’s graduation. No matter what a student is involved in, Senior year is the year to be proud, and there are many ways Seniors can show their spirit.

Football Fan Fun

While everyone else at the game may have the school mascot temporarily tattooed on their faces, Senior can stick out from the underclassmen with these Seniors EyeBlacks. The under eye tattoos have the word “Seniors” on them and are 1-1/2 inches wide. Even the Senior football players might find it fun to wear these on game night!

Be Bold in Beads

Any outfit Senior year can be jazzed up with graduation beads. Purchase these beads in your school colors and see them at sporting events and maybe even graduation! Necklaces are 19 inches long and come in packages of 12.

Wild about Wristbands

Seniors love to stand out in the crowd. Any of these personalized wristbands will help them do just that! Anything that is available to Seniors, and Seniors only, makes an accessory that much cooler. Underclassmen will be envious of the personalized wristbands worn by their upperclassmen peers.

Cool Car Flags

As Seniors cruise around town, to and from school events and even out of town, they will love showing their Senior pride with a custom mascot car flag. These white polyester flags can be imprinted with a design and wording in any standard color. Let your Seniors be proud of their class and proud of their school as they parade the flags around wherever they go!

Hip in Hats

It might not scream “Senior” right away, but once the rest of the school starts seeing Seniors in funny hats at school events, they will soon spot Seniors from a mile away! By having Seniors wear the same style of hat, it will give them a sense of unity. There are lots of funky hats to choose from. Find one that suits your seniors best!


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