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Summer Camp Fundraisers for Kids

Posted by Stumps Spirit on May 8, 2012

It’s summertime, and that means camp for thousands of kids all across the country!  This exciting time means new adventures, new friends, and new experiences.   Stumps Spirit Lines can help create the charged atmosphere for your camp experience that leaves the kids wanting to return again next year!

Pennants can not only attract attention, but choosing different colors can help kids know where their cabin or their group is meeting. Drape them near meeting places or use them to help guide kids along a path.

A personalized sticker or photo button can sort the kids into their teams, leading to quick and easy identification.  The button can be worn by the kids or placed on hats, backpacks, and more.

Get all excited during camp contests or carnivals and show your support for your team by using face paint.  These paints wash off easily and come in a multitude of colors.  Paint a paw print, a butterfly, a stripe, or your entire face!

Every kid gets hot and sweaty during summer camp, and a small personalized towel is the way to take care of that and also makes a great souvenir.  Choose from team towels or sport towels in the camp colors.  Every time they use the towel they will be promoting your camp.

And of course no camp is complete without noisemakers!  Buy spirit clappers or imprinted spirit stix personalized with the camp name to distract the opposing team and to remind each participant of the fun they had at camp.

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