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Entice Alumni to Attend Your Homecoming Week

Posted by Stumps Spirit on June 6, 2012

To college and high school students, homecoming means an important football game and a dance, with a few other activities throughout the week.  To alumni, homecoming means a walk down memory lane with a visit to their old school.  More often than not, alumni either forget about homecoming week (because they’re told too early and not reminded) or they simply don’t want to go.  Change that! This year, don’t just remind your alumni that homecoming week is approaching, make them want to attend at least one (if not each) event during the week.

Mail a Homecoming Week Event Outline

Once you make sure you have current addresses for your alumni, put together a flyer with a schedule of events that you have planned for your homecoming week.  If the events are not 100% set in stone when you put together the schedule, make sure you clearly label the schedule “tentative.”  Then, once your homecoming week is planned, send a finalized schedule of events for your alumni to use—maybe when everything is official and final, your elusive alumni will attend a few events during your homecoming week.

Go Digital with Your Homecoming Week Events

Because everything else is going digital, why don’t you create a digital schedule of events for your homecoming week?  All your students are on Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites, so why not create an “event” on Facebook?  Invite your students and encourage them to invite any alumni they might know, whether siblings, parents, or older friends.  Create an album with a few wall photos—the school mascot, maybe a photo of the football team and a photo of the cheerleaders.  Update these photos, as well as the overall event page, at least once a week.   You can also post pictures of the decorations as you set them up for the events throughout the week.

Depending on the event you’re decorating for, you’ll want to look for banners, a variety of spirit supplies (such as megaphones, buttons, and pom-poms), homecoming dance background materials, and many other things.  You could hang banners at the entrances to your school to get your students pumped up for homecoming week.  You can also hand out small favors to all your students during your homecoming week—in this case, try candy-related favors.  Your students will thank you.  Other fun favors to hand out to your students during homecoming week are imprinted footballs and basketballs, though these would probably be better handed out at the end of the school day so your students aren’t too distracted.

The culmination of homecoming week is almost always a dance.  Why not invite your alumni?  Then they can feel like they’ve gone back to high school and they’ll be able to watch the crowning of the homecoming court and experience all of it.  There are many ways to entice your alumni to attend at least one event during your homecoming week, you just have to choose which ways you want to use.


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